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A3nalogGauge - v1.0.0 (Freeware with source!)
Freeware visual component for Delphi with sources


Screenshot of AntiAliased AnalogGauge AntiAliased AnalogGauge is an Delphi component for displaying the floating point value as analog voltmeter. A3nalogGauge based on AnalogGauge component source by Shteg Vyacheslav (, and use the supersampling algorithm source by Nacho Urenda (

In addition to AnalogGauge component, the A3nalogGauge allow to use the supersampling antialiasing algorithm for improvement the image quality. Besides, the A3nalogGauge contains additional properties for more powerfull control of the own face. And also others, less significant improvements.

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Screenshots of AntiAliased AnalogGauge The component contains following properties:

These properties define the voltmeter elements colors:

  • MinColor: TColor - color of indicator of minimum range;
  • MidColor: TColor - color of indicator of normal range;
  • MaxColor: TColor - color of indicator of maximum range;
  • FaceColor: TColor - voltmeter scale background color;
  • TicksColor: TColor - voltmeter scale mark lines color;
  • ValueColor: TColor - color of values on mark lines;
  • CaptionColor: TColor - values unit name color;
  • ArrowColor: TColor - voltmeter pointer arrow color;
  • MarginColor: TColor - margin rectangle color;
  • CenterColor: TColor - color of a knob on an axis of the pointer arrow;
  • CircleColor: TColor - color of circles on mark lines;

These properties define the voltmeter elements sizes:

  • CenterRadius: Integer - radius of a knob on an axis of the pointer arrow;
  • CircleRadius: Integer - radius of circles on mark lines;
  • Angle: Integer - the angle of scale segment;
  • Margin: Integer - margin width;
  • ArrowWidth: Integer - width of pointer arrow;
  • LengthMainTicks: Integer - main (marked) tick lines length;
  • LengthSubTicks: Integer - additional tick lines length;
  • Style: TStyle read - the scale styles (left corner, on center and right corner);
  • NumberMainTicks: Integer - number of main tick lines;
  • FaceOptions: TFaceOptions - defines what voltmeter elements will be displayed;
  • Position: Single read - the value for display;
  • Scale: Integer - the maximal value for display (minimal is always 0);
  • IndMaximum: Integer - maximal value for normal range;
  • IndMinimum: Integer - minimal value for normal range;
  • Caption: string - this text will be displayed in the voltmeter centre;
  • AntiAliased: TAntialiased = (aaNone, aaBiline, aaTriline, aaQuadral) - Mode of smoothing. Accordingly: without smoothing, smoothing with cells of 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 pixels;
  • OnOverMax: TNotifyEvent - this event is fired if the value reached the maximum of normal range;
  • OnOverMin: TNotifyEvent - the same for a minimum;

If you have set a "TICKER" condition, the component will calculate own performance:

  • Frames: Integer - last repaint speed, frames per second (FPS);
  • OnFrames: TNotifyEvent - this event will fired when performance value has been changed;


©2002, Irnis Haliullin (

All copyrights to A3nalogGauge are exclusively owned by the author - Irnis Haliullin.

This component is free for use in any purposes.


All questions, bug reports and suggestions please send by mail to

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