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Advanced CheckSum Verifier - MD5 and SFV checksum utility for Windows
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Advanced CheckSum Verifier v1.xx  Personal $14.95* 
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 Business $24.95* 
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 Site  $199.95* 
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Source code of Google PageRank for Delphi v1.xx  $49.5* 
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* exc. VAT in the EU

The Personal License allow to use the program by one person for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non commercial environment. To use the program in a corporate, government or business environment, you should purchase a Business License or Site License.

The Business License is intended for companies and organizations. It allows to use the software on a one computer by one user at a time. You should buy separate license for each computer on which the program is used.

The Site License is also intended for companies and organizations. This license provides significant discounts for corporate clients. It allows the software to be used on a unlimited number of computers belonging to the organization.

After purchasing, you will get the registration code, which will remove all limitations. This registration code will be valid for all further versions. Also you will get the free technical support by e-mail.

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