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Advanced CheckSum Verifier - MD5 and SFV checksum utility for Windows
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What is checksum file?

The checksum file is an relatively small file which contains the checksum values of other files. Because the checksum values have fixed length (usually from 16 to 256 bits) the size of checksum file not depend from size of this files, only from their quantity. This allow by small oversizing of summary data let possibility of verifying integrity of data files at any time.

There are many formats of checksum files, frequently proprietary or closed. But there is also several open and widely supported formats.

In the binary newsgroups and file-sharing networks is well known format is SFV, that mean "Simple File Verification". And it's really "simple" - in this format is used the CRC32 algorithm and the file structure supposes ambiguity. We do not recommend use of this format except of case of strong necessity

The another format mostly known in open systems world is format of MD5SUM utility. This format using the more secure and reliable MD5 algorithm and have more convenient structure of file. The Advanced CheckSum Verifier utility support both formats, but we strongly recommend to use the MD5SUM format.

There is also third format named "alternative" or "BSD checksum format", which more advanced and allow to use any checksum calculation algorithm. Unfortunately Advanced CheckSum Verifier not support currently this format, but we plan to release in the future.

What is Advanced CheckSum Verifier (ACSV)?

The Advanced CheckSum Verifier is an small, GUI-driven Windows checksum utility intended for creation and verification the checksum files. ACSV will help Windows users to protect the integrity of their files by using the CRC32 or MD5 checksum calculation algorithms.

ACSV will useful when necessary to verify the accuracy of files burned to CD-R(W) or transmitted over network, or for files comparison, or for detection of corrupted or tampered files. Adding an little checksum file to your data files will allow easily to verify their integrity at any time in further and allow you to reveal what files has been changed.

ACSV is especially effective if you have many files, many subdirectories, or both. And it's extremely fast and lightweight.

ACSV uses checksum files fully compatible with popular md5 utility for MD5 and SFV (Simple File Verification) for CRC32.

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