(none) NukeLang - universal content management systems translator assistant.

Changes history

26 Jun 2001 Version 1.4
[+]Support of another portal system - pSlash - is added, its format of files appeared almost same as for phpNuke 4.x.
23 Jun 2001 Version 1.3
[+]Support of another portal system - phpWebLog - is added. It was very easy, since the format of language files for phpWebLog is very similar to the format of phpNuke 5.x language files.
[+]Possibility of selection of several strings and their copyings in the clipboard is added.
[+]Now at termination the program saves a position and sizes of the main window and settings in the system registery.
[*]Enabled a scrolling of the strings table while moving a scrollbar.
[*]Possibility of switching the original string in edit mode, for example, to copy it in the clipboard is added. But to change this string it is impossible.
[!]Contents of the table at switching between key/phrase modes for phpNuke 5.x now will be correctly updated.
21 Jun 2001 Version 1.2
[+]The switch between show of keywords/original phrases for phpNuke 5.x files Is added.
[+]The toolbar Is added.
19 Jun 2001 Version 1.1
[+]Support of other system for creation of portals - phpWebsite is added.
[*]Now strings are displayed not sorted, i.e. in that order in what they were in the file.
[!]You know, what TStringList.IndexOf is case INSENSITIVE? And I too did not know…
10 Jun 2001 Version 1.0
 First public release. Support only phpNuke language files, and therefore it's has been named NukeLang.
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