(none) NukeLang - universal content management systems translator assistant.

What is phpNuke?

phpNuke - is a distributed under GNU/GPL license Web-portals engine, written on PHP. The given definition also is applicable to all other (see later) engines supported by the given program. But originally the program was written for phpNuke therefore it is named NukeLang.

One of features of phpNuke system is a possibility of fast switching the interface of a portal into different languages. All text information for each of languages is stored in the file with the name of sort lang-XXXXXX.php (where XXXXXX - the name of the language, for example, english for English or russian for Russian) in language subdirectory and to translate the interface of a portal to other language enough to create the new file with translation. In the further we shall name such file language file.

To edit the language file it is possible in any text editor, however it is rather inconvenient because of its large size. For example, at the moment of writing this program the length of this file made about one and a half thousand lines. For rise of convenience in operation of a translator just this program also was created.

So, what's phpWebsite, phpWebLog and pSlash?

Other similar systems for creation of portals. They too are distributed under license GNU/GPL, also are written on PHP but (for now) have less functions though each of them is not deprived the snap. Also may be, that for a specific target they will approach better, than phpNuke.

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