Advanced CheckSum Verifier - the SFV and MD5 checksum utility for Windows Advanced CheckSum Verifier

Installation of the program

From the program home page the three variants of installation packages are available for download. The first package named ACSV.ZIP is simple ZIP-file without installer. The second package named ACSVI.ZIP is also ZIP-file, but it's contain the installer SETUP.EXE and short description file README.TXT. The third and most recomended package named ACSVI.EXE is executable installer ready to immediately start installation.

Simply click on link to this file in your browser and answer "Open" in confirmation dialog (see Pic.1).

Downloading and start installation
Pic.1. Downloading and start installation

After successful downloading of the installation package, the installation program will be started and setup wizard will appear (see Pic.2).

Setup Wizard
Pic.2. Setup wizard.

The first step what you should do is agree with license terms and conditions. Press the "Next" button and dialog with license agreement will appear (see Pic.3).

License agreement
Pic.3. License agreement.

Carefully read the text of the license agreement and check the box "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" if you agree. WARNING: You should agree with license agreement for using the program.

Next page will ask your for folder where you want to install ACSV (see Pic.4).

Set installation folder
Pic.4. Set installation folder.

By default, the programm will install in folder named "Advanced CheckSum Verifier" under default program files folder. You can specify any folder or keep the default.

Next page will ask your for name of programm group (see Pic.5).

Program group name
Pic.5. Program group name.

By default the name is "Advanced CheckSum Verifier". You can type any name or turn off the creating of program group.

Next page contains options for creating shortcuts (see Pic.6).

Creating shotcuts
Pic.6. Creating shotcuts.

You can independly create shortcuts on Desktop, Quick Launch bar, on the Program menu and Start menu.

Check the options, where you want to create shortcuts and click the "Next" button. The next page allow you once again overview selected options before installation (see Pic.7).

Overview of options
Pic.7. Overview of options.

At this point your last chance to change installation options. After clicking the "Install" button the installation process will be started and completed page will appear when done (see Pic.8)

Installation completed
Pic.8. Installation completed.

Press "Finish" button to finish installation.

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